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Specialist reporting teams are revealing that global health care systems are straining under a surge of people infected with the Covid-19. The numbers are alarming, moving into the millions.

One of the biggest issues that our vital front-liners are facing is a lack of available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from the virus. The ripple effect of infection due to lack of protection is showing some devastating consequences and outcomes.



Shortages Of Protective Equipment For Healthcare Workers


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Essential PPE supplies are globally drying up at an alarming rate in the throes of this pandemic. Traditional supply chains and manufacturers of these items are exhausted in their efforts to meet demands.

Larger medical organisations and Governments from around the world are reporting a near depletion of emergency stockpiles while also facing the extra challenges of alternative sourcing and distribution practices.

Hospitals, clinics and broader care facilities are reaching breaking points. Infrastructures are barely coping and very transparent about it: The world is now looking to alternative ways to source PPE and private industry is a good place to start.


The direct consequence of insufficient protection from the virus to front-line medics and carers is direct infection. The threat is real: there is a growing number of front-line health care workers who are testing positive for the disease every day.

More importantly, some are suffering serious long-term health consequences and even dying. E.g.: An estimated 14% of Covid-19 cases in Spain are from medical workers and Italy has seen the infection affect up to 5000 front-liners. Transmission of the disease is also knocking thousands of health care workers out of action.


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Front liners are feeling helpless and their worries do not stop with themselves. The reality of passing on the disease to others including their loved ones, is a frightening predicament to face. Their lifestyle habits are drastically changing, many living in isolation away from their families.


Desperate measures call for desperate times. To conserve limited supplies. Front-liners are often moving between purchasing alternative PPE, to dangerously reusing them or even making them from materials they have on hand. Other accounts have emerged with health care workers using raincoats and helmets to protect themselves and even more alarmingly, some even treating patients without any equipment at all.



Origani Will Source As Many Ppe Supplies As We Can

Origani can and will help. There are ways that we can improve the situation to make fighting this virus safer from everyone. We are shifting focus from our traditional core business of Cosmetics manufacturing to sourcing as many PPE supplies as we can to those most in need.

We have a world class sourcing team with global supply-chain expertise, committed to first-rate sourcing and allocating, through to advanced logistical and distribution/delivery methods. Additionally, our experience and knowledge allows us to have direct access to suppliers around the world and we have quality control certifications in place to ensure the integrity of the products we source.

We will use our global social platforms and social connections to create awareness of the issues that front-liners are facing in this pandemic and such platforms will allow us to directly ask the question “what do you need?” We will then source to meet the demands requested where we can.

A List of PPE that we aim to source is as follows (but not limited to): gloves, medical masks, respirators, goggles, face shields, gowns and protective suits, aprons, sanitisers, shoe covers and thermometers.



Allow More Front-Line Workers To Be Available To Care For The Ill.


We can help source essential PPE for healthcare facilities and workers to thereby allow them to follow proper infection control and prevention measures in their line of duty. In short, it will help contain the spread of Covid-19, save lives and allow more front-line workers to be available to care for the ill.



Any Amount Counts. This Is A Not-For-Profit Initiative.

We don’t see boundaries: we see the power of people coming together to collectively do what needs to be done. Though our social platforms and the power of social connections, we aim to raise as many funds as possible to get these critical PPE supplies where they need to go. Any amount counts. This is a not-for-profit initiative.






Your ability to help those in need is one of the greatest gifts in life you can give. Do your bit to help limit the transmission of the disease by protecting our world’s health care workers that are so bravely battling the dangerous front-lines of the Covid-19 pandemic every single day.

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